Summer Workout

Summer is already up and you want to go to the beaach or wear shorts but you don't feel alright with your body ? I and probably everyone know this feeling. So I do my daily workout against these. So here I will present my personal tips for a good workout.

My 10 personal tips for the perfect beach/ summer body 
1. Don't let it be a diet! Try to change your way of eat. Less fastfood and more selfmade food. But don't to something like eat only one apple for the day. This isn't healthy !!!
2.Drink water!  I usually drink 3-4 liters of the day but not only water also sugarfree tea. It will clean your body inside and flush out all the toxic substances  of your body!
3. Have fun ! You will not have any sucess without fun. One part of my daily workout is my warm-up... I turn on the music and dance crazy for 10min.
4.Eat healthy! Eat vegetables, fruits and nuts every day. It provide your body with vitamines and enery.
5.Motivate yourself! Sometimes you feel like you want give up ? I know this but than I think of  the result I will see when I don't . So work on and motivate yourself maybee with photos of your body .
6. Regrads!  yourself! After I do my workout I always try to regard myself for example read a good book or have a looooong warm shower.
7.Daily workout! Try to do your workout every single day. It will not help very much when you do it only sometimes. I have one workout free day in the week -friday.
8.Sweat! It was'nt a good workout if you haven't sweat.
9. Find a partner! I always try to find a partner to do my workout with becaue you will not give up so fast and also you have more fun. So ask your sister, best friends or maybe your mother.
10. Go in the nature! I never do my workout only in my room. I go out, tank fresh air and try to let the nature be a  part of my workout.

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