Berlin trip august 2013 #part2

Hey guys, here is the second part of my berlin-post. I hope you enjoy it ;)
After all that shopping and girlie things the days before I had to do something good to my boyfriend on the fourth day. So we went to the Olympia stadium and made the highlight-tour with a guide. We walked around the whole ground and also were allowed to ckeck out the V.I.P. area and the room to manoeuvre. After that we walked to the "Glockenturm" and had an amazing view all over the stadium ground.
In the afternoon we went in the city center to the "Siegessäule" also named as "big star". After that we went back to our appartment in Charlottenburg for a little break. Then in the evening we decided to do a little berlin wall tour included Cheackpoint Charlie and wall rests at the Potzdamer place.
Olympia stadium

Olympia stadium

View from the Siegessäule

At Checkpoint Charlie

wall rests at potzadmer palce
It was friday when my boyfriend and I made an cool calm day with only a little bit shopping at the famous Kurfürsten Damm and a visit to the part Kreuzberg off berlin.

Ok, now to the last real day we had in Berlin. It was Saturday and all day long we chilled in Charlottenburg and in the evening we went to the O2-World for ICE HOCKEY.  Oh yeah ice hockey is soooooo cool. Yes our team had loosed but it was a good game ;)

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