Vegan hazelnutcake

Hey guys,
today i will show you something that is completly new on blog : my favourite recepie of the month!
I don't know how it is with you but I totally love EATING ;) I also love to cook with my boyfriend or  have a "dinnerparty/teaparty" with my friends. So today I will show you a quick and easy recepie of a vegan huzelnutcake. It is perfect when you have friend who lives vegan but you won't to do something seperatly. Your friends will defently don't notice that this cake vegan and I'm sure you will like it :)
You need 10 minutes yor preparation and 25 minutes for baking. So let us start.
First of all You need:
-260g speltflour
-250 ml sojamilk
-150g oil
-100g milled hazelnuts
-200g  brown sugar
-3 teanspoon of vanilla sugar
-3 teanpoon of baking powder

vanilla sugar, milled huzelnuts, oil, brown sugar, sojamilk, speltflour, baking powder

All you need 
Give all the ingredients in a large bowl and with a mixer you have to mix everthing into a smooth dough.
The dough after mixing

Don't forget to preheat your oven to 200° Celsius.

Give the dough in a cake pan ( It doesn't matter if it's round or angled).  Prepare the cake pan with oil and spelt or with baking paper.

 And then it comes in the oven for 25 minutes. Check it after  10 and 20 minutes so that the cake don't burn. In case of necessity you have to cool down the temperature. When the cake is finish you can decorate it with icing sugar and a little chocolate piece.

tadada the result

Let me know when you have tried it out and what you think :)
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