Canon Eos 60D

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Hey dudes,

When you follow me on Instagram, you know I have a new roommate since last week called Andrew. Maybe when you read the title, you can imagine what I will share with you? Oh yes, I orded a new camera. The Canon Eos 60D. I'm so in love with it. Ok, I know this sounds really strange. Who gives his camera a name? Yes, it's me and it's because I think such an expensive and lovely camera deserves it to be treat  with love and honour. It also mean so much for me because I worked the whole year to be able to buy it. This camera is really expensive but on my mind it's an investment for life. Because I have a two weeks school break at the moment I was able to test the camera and to familiarize myself with it. Of course it needs some  time to work out all adjustments. But for the moment I will share with you my first experience with Andrew.


Glossybox September

Hey guys,

september is already over and october is in the front line. So of course I want to make sure we don't  forget to take a  look of the spice and sugar edition Glossybox I got in september. I know I'm a little bit late this month but it was important for me to test everything enough to give a real and truth review about the products. We will do it like the last Glossybox post. I show you the product and give a little review for everything. I know some of you maybe thought it is weird that I always post about my glossybox but on my mind it is a really good thing. You got 5-6 products every month. Some in the full size, some in a little test size. You can test the things you like and after the sample is over you can buy the full size version when you like. Long story, short sense. Let's get started.