Canon Eos 60D

Hey dudes,

When you follow me on Instagram, you know I have a new roommate since last week called Andrew. Maybe when you read the title, you can imagine what I will share with you? Oh yes, I orded a new camera. The Canon Eos 60D. I'm so in love with it. Ok, I know this sounds really strange. Who gives his camera a name? Yes, it's me and it's because I think such an expensive and lovely camera deserves it to be treat  with love and honour. It also mean so much for me because I worked the whole year to be able to buy it. This camera is really expensive but on my mind it's an investment for life. Because I have a two weeks school break at the moment I was able to test the camera and to familiarize myself with it. Of course it needs some  time to work out all adjustments. But for the moment I will share with you my first experience with Andrew.



leaf  in beautiful autumn colours

The pigeon

sunrise in Weimar

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