Announcement : Blogging advent calendar

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Hey guys,

today I have great news for you. The last few  weeks I worked on a really great Blogging project. MY BLOGGING ADVENTS CALENDAR 2013!! That means for you: I will start on december 1st until december 24th uploading a new post every single day. There will be DIY-, recepie-,fashion posts etc.
Make sure you follow me on Twitter and on Bloglovin to always be up-to-date! Make a comment and let me know what you think about the project. Also comment when you have any kind of topic you would like to see in this projects!

In the pictures below you can see my personel advents calendar, which my mom had done for me.

5 study tips

Herr dudes,
At the moment I don't really find the time to blog a lot. I would when I could. But I'm in the middle of my last school year and the first semester is over in only 5 weeks. Every teacher needs grades. That means for me: everyday classtexts, written texts or presentation to collect the best grades, that are possible. And because I know how hard it is to find the right way to study, I will present you now 5 tips that help me to get through this time. Let me know when you have other tips for learning or if my tips helped you :)

1.Clean up your working place
My desk is always overpacked with all kind of stuff, that normally don't have to do something with school  for example : nailpolishes and cookery books. But before I start with my homework, I clean it up and at the end there are only thing I need for homework or presentations-work.

clean working place

Glossybox October - Beauty Balance

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Hey dudes and...

Sorry Glossybox but October wasn't your month. Last month  I was really euphoric with the Glossybox but this month I have to say: I was truely a little bit disappointed. Ok, when I'm exact I'm not really happy with the products I got but the Glossy magazine they send with was better than normally. It isn't that the products are that bad but they're really uncreative with the things they send me. A blush- I got a blush last month. Skin cream, eyeshadow and lipgoss- got in august. But I don't want to grump all the time. Here are the products.