5 study tips

Herr dudes,
At the moment I don't really find the time to blog a lot. I would when I could. But I'm in the middle of my last school year and the first semester is over in only 5 weeks. Every teacher needs grades. That means for me: everyday classtexts, written texts or presentation to collect the best grades, that are possible. And because I know how hard it is to find the right way to study, I will present you now 5 tips that help me to get through this time. Let me know when you have other tips for learning or if my tips helped you :)

1.Clean up your working place
My desk is always overpacked with all kind of stuff, that normally don't have to do something with school  for example : nailpolishes and cookery books. But before I start with my homework, I clean it up and at the end there are only thing I need for homework or presentations-work.

clean working place

2. Eliminate  diversions
Yep, I know this is maybe the hardest tip to implement but it is so effective. Make sure before you start studying to turn off your mobile phone, your laptop and your TV. Of course when you need to prepare a prestation your laptop is allowed but try to don't open sites like facebook or  blogger, you will not be able to close them again ;) When you think you couldn't implement this tip by your own, give all these things to your parents or friends for the time. They will take care of it ;)

3.Overviews and to do- lists
Yeah. I come out as a list freak. I do lists for everything and everytime. Maybe because it feels so good to mark off the things you have already done or maybe because sometimes I'm so aimless that I have no idea what I had already done. So start doing to-do-lits for every day, maybe with differnt categories  for example: for school, hobbies or housework.It will definitely help to reach your goals.

To-do-list  (I know I mixed geram and english-fail)

4. breaks and fresh air
This one of the most important tip at all. Make breaks! You will not memorise all the stuff when you don't take breaks. Maybe do a learn-plan, that includes the working time and also the time for breaks. I try to reach the half of my to-do-list and then I always have a big break. Go gout in this time. The fresh air will refresh your brain and give you all the energy back, you lost while studying.

5. Brainfood and enough sleep
Maybe you know the situation when you came home from school after 9 hours, in the afternoon and you're so tired that you could fall asleep right now. Oh yes that is also my problem most of the week but when I know I need to study the afternoon because a classtests stand out the next day, I try to go to bed as early as possible. Make sure you spleep at minimum 7 hours per night to be fit enough to stand through the day. And also eat healthy ! Fruits and vegetables will give you all vitamins you need. That's the reason why they called brainfood. When you don't believe me, test it out. One day you eat only pizza and chips and the next vegetables and fruits. You will notice the difference.

fruits and a hot tea. Also a little bit chocolate is allowed ;)


  1. also punkt 1,3 und 5 könnten glatt von mir sein :) der post gefällt mir echt super<3

  2. Gefällt mir gut :) Ich finde vor allem diese To-Do List sollte ich mal selbst ausprobieren!
    Lg ♥

    1. Ja probier das mal , hilft mir echt super und ich bin so chaotisch hätte nie gedacht ,dass das so effektiv ist :))