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Sorry Glossybox but October wasn't your month. Last month  I was really euphoric with the Glossybox but this month I have to say: I was truely a little bit disappointed. Ok, when I'm exact I'm not really happy with the products I got but the Glossy magazine they send with was better than normally. It isn't that the products are that bad but they're really uncreative with the things they send me. A blush- I got a blush last month. Skin cream, eyeshadow and lipgoss- got in august. But I don't want to grump all the time. Here are the products.

So here is the first product and it's the biggest fail of the glossybox this month. The Shine on tinted lip salve super soft beige from balance me. I don't like the colour, it's a creepy brown and I can't  understand  the team thought I could like it. Also the texture is to gluey and it smells like my toothpaste. I had give it a chance but I couldn't find something good on it.


The bellápierre cosmetics mineral blush in desert rosé. Maybe you thought "ohh cool"- ehm no. It's good because it's a loose  mineral blush but the colour isn't like it look. It's so orangy and to much sparkle. I had use it one time and looked like a christmas ball.

 So here are the next two products:

On the right we have the Oxygenating cream moistruizer from Nobay. You can use it for your Body or face. I used it for face and the smell is okay and the texture is good. Nothing really bad but also nothing really good.

On the left you can see the Daily moisture shampoo from great lengths. Its good for all types of hair and gives it volume. I used it two weeks every second day and  I can't find a difference  between it and my usually hair shampoo. Like the right: Nothing really bad but also nothing really good.

So and now: The best for Last. And it's definitive the best product in this month's glossybox. It is the LCN Lovely girls golden violet eyeshadow. First I wasn't sure about it but now I feel confident with it. It's a beautiful glowy violet eyeshadow with golden feautures. Not to much glow and perfect for a night out eye look. 

I don't really like all these products but I don't want to reserve it to you. Next week there will be a post on my blog about study tips. So have a great weekend and a lovely start at monday. 


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