#10 Be a little bit old-fashion with movies

Hey guys,

we live in a time, where everything needs to be bigger, better and faster. And in 2013 I have the feeling that these is the motto of christmas presents. Everyone needs to give away the most exceptionally or expensive thing. As more, as bigger as better. And I also thing the most people expect these. It's normal getting an Ipad or a bungee jumping. NO, IT'S NOT! The thought is important. "With what can I make someone happy?" That's the reason why I love to give away movies. It's a little bit old-fashion in the time of smartphone or e-book reader. But it's more personal in my mind than you have to thought about the person and not only spend a bunch of money. In this post I will show you some exampels for movies I would give away for who.
I hope you like it and leave a comment below what you favourite movie is :)

1.For her! There a lot of movies in my mind when I think about what to give away for a friend, my mother or aunt. Typical are lovestories like "Dear John" or "Friends with Benefits" . I also like "Mamamia" and "Blind Side" . A beautiful movie the most of you may not know is "Oscar and the Lady in Pink". A story about the last days of a little kid with cancer. You think only giving away a movie is boring? Give away a little set, which include the movie for exampel a Girls Day Set with the movie, some sweets, beauty products etc.
Also a good idea is giving away series like Grey's Anatomy. I love it and have the most episodes on DVD.

2.For him! Of course you can give a guy always an action film like "Transformers" or the good old "007 James Bond". Or you give him a good comedy with men humor. You can use "Hangover" or "Ted" and he will be happy ;) You can also choose a series like " The Big Bang Theory" or create a little "Men Set" with a bear or some cigarettes. Choose what ever the guy like and make it as personal as you like. I think it's better giving away a good movie as some trash no one need ;)

Lots of Love

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