#11 Christmas tag

Hey guys,

I hope you had a great start of the week. All my written tests are over for this year. That means now christmas can come. Today I will answer 10 questions all  about the christmas and winter time. Hope you enjoy and feel tagged by me ;)

1.What's you favourite holiday movie?
The Grinch. Best movie ever in christmas time. I could watch it everyday as often as possible ;)

2.What's your favourite christmas colour?
In the winter time I love the colour combination white and red. I can't say one of them is my favourite because they both are.

3.When are you getting your presents? 
My family and I get our presents at the evening of december 24th. I know in the most countires you get your presents at december 25th but not in Germany. 

4.What's your favourite christmas smell?
I love the smell of everything sweet in this season of the year. The smell of Gingerbread or baked apple let me feel like I'm in a christmas bakery.

5.What's your favourite holiday drink?
Hot chocolate is defently my fav at the moment. I also like Chai-Tea-Latte but their is nothing better than hot chocolate.

6.Candy Cane or Gingerbread?
GINGERBREAD!! Only gingerbread. I think Cany cane looks very christmassy but I can't eat it. 

7.What's your favourite christmas song?
At the moment, It's "last christmas" by Taylor swift. I love how she sing this old classy song. Her voice fits perfectly with the text.


8.Have already build a snowman this year ?
No :( There wasn't enough snow until now. But in the next few weeks I hope there will be enough for build one.  Is there already snow wehre you live ? 

9. What's important for you about christmas?
Of  course being together with the familiy. Calm down from the stressful time and have some nice days with good food, music and old movies. 

10. Giving or Getting ? 
Giving. I love giving away things. I like thinking about all the people I like and what could make them happy. And even more I like to see them happy when they open the present. Is their anything better ? 

Lots of Love

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