#13 quick and easy baked apple recepie

Hey guys,

today I show you a super easy recepie for a baked apple. For me, apples are the fruit of fruits in the winter time. I always love apples but in christmas time more than ever ;) So in this time of the year I tried out so many recepies with apples and try to find a good recepie for baked apple. And now I create one and I want to share it with you.
I hope you like it and let me know when you have test it :)

You need: -apples
                - lemon


1. Beacuse it's such an easy recepie there is only one step. Core and scoop out the flesh of the apple. Mix the flesh with a dash of lemon juice, one TSB sugar, one TSB almonds, a half TSB of cinnamon and some cloves. Fill the cored apple up with the mix and now it's time for the oven. The apple need ca. 10 minuits in a middle level. When it's ready you can present it with some vanilla ice or what ever you like. It's yummy and I'm sure you will like it :)

Lots of Love

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