#14 Find your christmas presents online

Hey guys,

today post is up a little bit late because I went christmas shopping with my friend Lisa. Yeeah :) We got some awesome things :) But the post is about something different. Because there are only 10 days left until christmas I will show you 3 different online pages, where you can find your last christmas presents :)

Here you can everything you need. Really. From DIY- material until clothes for women and men. I love to order all kind of material or products, which are able to personalize for example cups or keychains. Also they have so beautiful jewelry. The shipping prices and times are different but everytime I had order something all went well :)


Your friends and family love chocolate? Then here you find the perfect present. You are able to create your own choclate with all kind of sweets you can imagine. With nuts, chilli, fruits .... You can create the chocolate with sweets your friend like and give it to him. It will be the most personal chocolate he ever get ;) So this year I decide to create some different chocolates for my friends and family because all of them love chocolate expect myself ;) But for me it was fun creating it and I'm very happy with it :)

And last but not least I show you a page for all the techniques freaks under your friends ;) Of course mostly you aren't able to buy them a Ipad or new smartphone. But on this page you can create them personal foils with photos of you or anything else they like. It's possible to create foils for mobile phones, notebooks etc.
You can use pre-set designs or create with some pictures your own. It's personal and useful in one :)

Hope you find something useful and wish you all a nice third advent tomorrow :)
Lots of Love

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