#16 Christmas market 3 tips

Hey guys,

winter time is also the time of christmas markets. Roasted almonds and mulled vine are typical. I always love to visit a chistmas market because everyone is already in christmas mood and you can feel the touch of winter. Everyone sing christmas songs, eat and drink and also buy some little presents for family or friends. By going on christmas markets every year I create some rules for myself to  have the best christmas market. And today I will share my 3 important tips for a nice and unproblematic day at a christmas market.
Let me know when you have any other tips for that theme and have a nice day :)

1. Warm clothes
Of course, everyone of us want to look fabulous when we leave our home but at a christmas market the comfort is important. So leave your heels home and wear some warm boots. A dress is nice but only with thick tights. I prefer to wear a normal jeans with a thick chistmas jumper. Don't forget a  beanie, some gloves and an umbrealla. In winter, rain is always possible ;)

2. Leave valuables at home
Don't give pickpockets a chance! Because the rate of pickpockets on christmas markets had grown very fast in the las few years, I always try to leave everything expensive home. I would never bring my marc jacobs watch or canon eos 60d with me. And I also leave my creadit cards home. I only bring a little bag with some essentials and  cash with me.

3. Bring something with you
Of course you can buy every drink and food on the chistmas market. But when you want to visit it the whole day I would recomment you to bring a little bottle of water and some fruits with you. The food is never the most healthy on a christmas market and it's very expensive, too. Their is nothing wrong with bringing something with yourself.

Lots of Love

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