#18 top ten christmas songs

Hey guys,

last week I showed you the Michael Bublé CD and I really love it in the winter time. But I don't only hear it all the time because there are so much more perfect songs for christmas. So, that's the reason why I present you today my other 10 favourite christmas song. What do you hear in the christmas time ? What are your favourite  chistmas songs ?

1. WHAM- Last Christmas
Of course Last Christmas from Wham is a christmas must-have 

2.Rudolph the red nose reindeer- Gene Autry

3. Train- Shake up Christmas

4. O Holy Night - Celine Dion

5.Misletoe- Justin Bieber

6.Christmas must be something more - Taylor Swift

7.Christmases When You Were Mine - Taylor Swift

8.Snow in California- Ariana Grande

9.Thank God it's christmas - Queen

10. U2- I believe in father christmas

Lots  of  Love

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