#19 crystallized apples -recepie-

Hey guys,

last sunday I went to the chistmas market in Leipzig and  I ate some roasted almonds and crystallized apples. Of course they wanted a lot of money for these little sweets. And that's the reason why I decide to create the crystallized apples at home, for less than 2€. When you like christmas sweets you should try this super easy recepie out.  You don't need to eat them all alone  ;) It's a good idea for giving it away on christmas.

crystallized apples

You need: - 5-12 apples
                -600g sugar
                - 2 TSB vinegar
                -food colouring
                - 500ml water

What to do ?

Give the sugar, vinegar, food colouring and the water in a boil and melt the sugar. That let it cook for 30 minutes. Now we are nearly ready. Pin the apples with a skewer and just  dunk the apples in the sirup three times. Then decorate it with some sweets and give it in the frigde. Let it dry and bon appetite! ;)

Lots of  Love 

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