#2 DO IT YOURSELF ! -Christmas socks-

Hey guys,

today I show you my first DIY. We will create a christmas sock. It's perfectly for St. Nicholas or you use it for Christmas day. You can fill it up with your presents or decorate you room with it. Hope you have fun and please send me a pic of your result ;)

You need: -red material
                -needle and thread
                -textile glue
                 -cotton wool
                    -felt figures

1. You take the red material two ply and pin it. After that you draw a boot out. Maybe you can do it without any pattern but when not go to the internet and print out a version of a boot you like. Make it as big as you like depend on what you want to fill it up.

2. Now sew the both textile boots together. When you're not able to sew, klick here to learn it. But don't sew the collar togehter but then you can't fill it up anymore. So the biggest part is over :)

3. Now it's time for the typical white collar of the Christmas/ Nicholas boot/ sock. Turn down the last 3 cm of the collar and fix it with the textile glue. After that take the cotton whool and use as much as you like to glue it on the collar. Punch a liitle hole and  thread a ribbon through it, for hanging it on. Now we are ready but you can  decorate it with felt figures when you like. Make it as personal as possible and fill it up with whatever you like.

Wasn't it easy ?
Lots of  Love,

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