#23 christmas apple pie -recepie-

Hey guys,

today I will show you my favourite recepie in the winter time. In a post before I let you know that apples are my favourite fruit. So of course I love to eat apple pie. I changed the normal recepie in a little bit christmassy version. I hope you like it :)

You need:
-350g floor                              -6-8 apples
-a pinch of salt                                      -a lemon
-1/2 TSB cinnamon                      -100-150g brown sugar
-6 TSB water                        -1 white of the egg
-210g coconut oil                                     -some cloves
- 3 TSB maple syrup                            -1/2 TSB corn starch
-2 gingerbread

So, we start with the cake batter. Give 350g butter,6TSB water, a pinch of salt, 50g brown sugar and 210g coconut oil in a bowl. Grate the 2 gingerbread in it and knead everything together. Split it of in two parts in the same size. Now, this goes in the fridge for 1o minutes.

So it's time for the padding. Unshell the apples and remove the core. Then  cut them in slices. Inlay the apples in a mixture of the mapple syrup, cinnamon, brown sugar, cloves, lemon juice and the corn starch. Let it stay for 15 minutes for getting a more intensive flavour. 

Back to the cake batter. Use on part as teh cake base. Spread it over the ground of the cake pan. Give the apple mixture over it and finish with a layer of the rest cake batter.

Give it in the oven for 60 minutes on 180 degrees. let it cool down and you are ready !! 

Lots of Love

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