#3 Book review -Me before you-

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you may have read/heard  much about this book before, It's so hyped at the moment and I really understand why. In these post I will give you a short access in the book "Me before you" from Jojo Moyes. When you don't have any idea what to wish for Christmas or even what to give away for Christmas take a look at these babe ;)

Content: Will Traynor is a 35 years old sucessful businessman. He loves to experience great adventures like climbing to the top of a mountain and has a beautiful model girlfriend. But anything changed at an august day when a car accident left him paralysed only able to move his fingers. This is not a live anymore for such an adventurous man like Will, so he decide to die.

Lou is a 26 years old girl with a little bit different mind of style. She works in a little cafè the "Buttern Bun" and live by her parents. She has a boyfriend Patrick but their isn't really passion anymore between Lou and Pat. After the Buttern Bun closed, the job center offered her the job as a care worker, which is limited for only six month.

My opinion: On my mind, this is so much more than a typical lovestory. It tells the fiasco of a broken family and who a girl find herself and her  place in the world. The book tells about all the difference in life and maybe also things we don't really see by ourself. Jojo Moyes discusses the dealing with disabled people in daily life and euthanasia, which is a difficult theme in our society. The most impressing part of the book for me was how Lou changed by the influence fron Will. He taught her open her mind and and to do something with her life. But also Will could see that their are positive things in life after his accident.  Of course the lovestory is beautiful but also dramatical with always a sent of bitternis in mind. There are a lot of emotions , Jojo Moyes use to illustrate the characters and their feeling.

=> The best book I had read in 2013 and it really changed my mind in some aspects. A must have for everyone, who want more from a book than a beautiful lovestory :)

Have you already read it ?
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