#4 Quick and Easy -Brownie in a cup- recepie

Hey guys,

today I will show you a super easy and quick recepie for a Brownie in a cup !  I like to have little brownie often when I came home from school at these cold days. So I think there are a lot more that would lke to do this but don't know how. So for that reason I decide this will be a part of my blogging advent calendar. You can also decorate it christmassy and give it to some one you like at christmas. You only need 10 minutes, so get in to it.

You need: -1/4 cup floor
                -1 egg
                -3 TSB sugar
                -3 TSB milk
                -3 TSB Oil
                -2 TSB sugar
                -a pinch of salt
                -a little bit Nutella

1. Because it is that easy, you only need to mix all the ingredients together in a cup. Yep thats the biggest part :) After mixing all togehter to a thick smooth dough give it in the microwave for only 3 min. with 600 watt or the middle level.
Now we are ready and can eat it hot or take it out of the cup and decorate it with ice etc and you have a really nice sweet. Hope you have fun doing the Brownie in a cup, become creative with a white chocolate liquid stone ;)  Leave a comment below and let me know what you think :)

Lots of Love


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