#5 alcohol free christmas punch

Hey guys,

in combination with my yesterday Post I will show my personel recepie of an alcohol free Christmas tea / punch. Because in the winter time I always and sometimes only drink tea the hole day long, I thought it would be great creating my own tea that taste like winter and christmas. I'm so obsessed with it, that I decide to share my obsession with you. And maybe after trying it out, you are obsessed, too :) So, I hope you enjoy it and let me know when you have try it :)

You need: -apple juice
                -redcurrant juice
                -grapes juice
                -oranges and  a lemon
                -vanilla pod
-blend of christmas spices

1. Give 2 glasses of grapes juice, 2 glasses of redcurrant juice an 1 and a half glas of apple juice in a pot and heat it up.

2. Now cut the one orange in slices and the lemon in  half.  Pressing out the juice of the lemon and give it with the orange slices in the pot.

3. It's time to spice it up a bit :) Use 2 TSB of honey, 1/2 TSB of cinnamon, some cloves, a vanilla pod, some rosemary and give all together in the pot. You can also use a blend of christmas spices when you like but it isn't necessary. 

4. Boil it up for 10-20 minutes and then let it stay for 3-4 hours or better over the night for a better taste.
When you like a little bit alcohol use Amaretto but don't to much ;)

Lots of Love

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