#6 Glossybox November

Hey guys,

first of all I wish you a nice St. Nicholas day :) Because we won't forget the glossybox of november,  today I will show you the products. When you read the last Glossybox post you know I don't liked it that much. So I hoped that the november box is better and Tadada It is :) Let me know when you test the Glossybox and what you think!

The first product is the Ginger Sparkle Shower gel by the body shop. The smell is amazing. Why? Because it feels like christmas everytime I use it. On my mind it's a good idea for giving it away for christmas or you buy it for yourself. I could understand it ;) The best thing about The Body Shop is: they support fair traide and are against animal experiments.

The second product is a Guest Soap from La scoiété parisienne de savons. You can use it as a body or a hand soap. In my mind perfect soap when you invite guest over night. It feels like a hotel when you give them some little products. The smell is amazing, too. 

My favourite product of the glossybox is the Erato shampoo from Fresh Line. I have very fine and broken hair because a time ago, I colour my hair from dark brown into blond. And now it's time to repair my hair again. I don't find the right product until jet. So when you know something please leave a comment. When I used the shampoo from fresh line I felt an improve. I really will buy the full size :)

They also send me an eyeshadow from Emite make up.  I had test it some days ago and I think I will wear it for new year or christmas. It's a light sparkeling eyeshadow.  You can also use it for the inner corner of the eye or for highlighting.

With the last product I  have a little dramatical story. It's the BB Cream from Annemarie Börlind and when I read the ingredients I was really happy because I normally don't wear make up but search for a good one. And then I test it and it's too dark :((  I have really light porcelain skin and never find a make up that fits well. So when one of you like to have it, I would give it away. I only test it and don't use that much. You only need to write a comment and leave you email address.  I wil contact you and send it for free. 

Result: A good box with products for everyone. I like it a lot and be happy that it was better than the last one. And now I'm so excited about the december christmas edition.

Lots of Love

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