#9 Let's go and have a Brunch !

Hey guys,

on Saturday my class and I had a little trip to "Festung Königsstein" for a christmas brunch and for visiting the christmas market. It's our last year together so we decide to have some cool trips. It's a really good idea. Because when I think about the future I see us all everywhere but not  together. One will don't leave his home and another will go to USA or GB. We all have differnt goals and want them reach in a different time. Enjoy the last time togehter is the device.
 It's also the time to think about ourself. What want I from life? Where I see myself in 5 years? What will I do when school is over ? I don't know anything except the fact: I want break out and see the world. Leave my home city and go far away. If this will happen? I don't know. But their will be a special post about this theme later on my blog.
Today I want to show you some pictures from our Brunch. Maybe you have no idea what to do for your birthday or any other occasion? Then think about go to a brunch with your friends. It's cool and also something different ;)

Lots of Love

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