Look back 2013

Hey guys.

2013 pass off  and 2014 comes really soon. So I think it's the time to take a look back about 2013. In my mind I can't really describe 2013 because it wasn't all negative but it also wasn't  all positive.But in fact I can say: starting my Blog was the best desicion of the year! I have so much fun writing and reading blogs and it became my biggest hobby.  It helps me calm down from all the stress in school etc. But I don't want become that sentimental, I just want to show you some of my 2013 favourites :) What are your favourites of 2013 and what are  your plans for new years eve ? 

My favourite book:

Of course it is Me before you from Jojo Moyes. It really shows me how thankful all of us should be for our life. Our healthness. Our family and friends. When you want know more about the book klick here.

My favourite movie:

I wasn't really often in the cinnema this year and the offer wasn't really big. But one movie I really have in my mind anymore. It is  The mortal instruments-City of bones. First of all I never thought I could like this movie because it isn't really my genre but after watching it, I must say: I like! Something special but also well-known. I'm sure some of you would like it, too.

 My favourite song:

This was really the hardest decision of all. Find my favourite song. I like all kind a music and mostly I don't know the song title. But  I find four I really like the most. Miley Cyrus- We can't stop. One direction- Story of my life. Bastille- The things we lost in the fire and Passenger- let her go.

My favourite products:

Of course I also have some beauty favourites I want to share with you. I tried out some new things in 2013 and I want to find my some all time products in the next year. Have you some tips for me ?

The essie nail polish in marshmallow I weared the most of the time. I don't wear that often nail polish, mostly in the spring time and then I have weared this beautiful white. I'm that kind of person, who like to wear classy nail polish like white, black and red. And you ??

I son't know why but the bebe young care lipbalm in silky vanilla is the only lipbalm, that helps my lips feel better. It doesn't dry my lips out and it feels super soft and has a nice sent of vanilla. I use it since years and it's one of my never changing products.

 I haven't find the right mascara right now and I'm sure the one from maybelline jade isn't the best. But at the moment it's the best possibilty I have. It has a good texture and has a deep black colour. Have you any tip for a good mascara, which could be the right for me ??

I first saw the smashbox powder in 2012 on my trip to Paris. And I already use it. It's really expensive and that's the reason why I only have the travel size one in the moment but it  lasts long. When you search for a really good powder and you can pay ca. 50 € you should buy it and when I have the money next year I will buy a full size one again. 

I only bought it a few weeks ago but I can say it's my favourite make up of the whole year 2013. I'm never that make-up girl. Normally I only wear some powder but when I wear the studio fix fluid from mac I never feel that I wear make up. It's really soft and light. It's also the first real  make-up I find in my skin colour.

Healing earth really helps my skin in stressed times. After using it my skin feels better, fresher and softer. I can recomment it for everyone of you when your skin hasn't his best time ;) Try it out, your skin will be thankful for that.

A big thanks to my boyfriend, who gives me the Marc Jacobs Dot perfume for my birthday this year. It smells so amazing and I really like the flacon.I only use it on big days because it's to good to wear it everytime. It needs a special reason ;)  What's your favourite perfume of the year ??

Lots of  Love

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